Community ~ Living Temagami is a community driven organization committed to those who live, work, study, and play in the Temagami area. We incubate and provide safe, welcoming access to space, experiences, events, education, and other resources as a strategy to revitalize community and connect people. We believe in our community and the people in it. We foster belonging, self-expression, interdependence, and engagement.

Heritage & History ~ Living Temagami believes the heritages and histories of all peoples should be embraced and celebrated. We believe it is very important to be connected to our history and heritage as it influences what we do in the present.

Art & Culture ~
Living Temagami believes the presence of all art forms are essential for a healthy, loving, just community. We believe making, showing, performing and experiencing art, music, dance and all culture should be safe, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Collaboration ~
Living Temagami believes our success is intertwined with that of our volunteers, artists and artisans of all heritages and other members of the community. Our primary commitment is to support, elevate and engage organizations and individuals in the Temagami and surrounding area. We embrace collaboration, partnerships, programming, and commitment as ways to strengthen our community.

Diversity ~
Living Temagami values and celebrates the diverse history, identities and cultures within our community. We embrace an intersectional, multi-issue approach to all the arts, programming, and partnerships, to build a foundation for inclusion and community enrichment. With a local focus on the Temagami area we will work towards breaking down boundaries and raising awareness.

Education ~ Living Temagami believes knowledge and mutual respect are enhanced when we share space, create, learn and work together to provide access to the arts and other educational opportunities to our community.

Inclusion ~ Living Temagami is committed to participatory decision-making. We value and welcome diverse people, art, culture, heritage, and ideas.

Living Temagami, 6715 Highway 11 North, Temagami, ON, Canada - PO Box 565 (705) 569-3344